With CloudSpot, we give you the ability to beautifully display multiple galleries through your Portfolio! You can have potential clients visit your CloudSpot Portfolio so they can see previous examples of your work, purchase prints and products, and share your images on social media -  all with your branding  🎉

Your Portolio can be found at the url "http://yourcustomdomain.client-gallery.com" (You entered this custom domain name when you created your CloudSpot account.)

By default, all online galleries are set to NOT be visible on your Portfolio. To change that status to visible, when you create or edit a web gallery make sure to navigate to the General tab and activate the toggle button to display this gallery on your Portfolio.

Your online gallery will then be visible on your Portfolio!

To view your Portfolio, go to the top right corner and click "My Account". You'll see a dropdown menu with "My Portfolio"!

Tip: Bookmark your Portfolio on your phone so you have easy access to your gallery links when you’re on the go!

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