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Branding and Account Settings
Branding and Account Settings

Learn about general account settings and how to customize your account to your brand!

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Learn how to customize your brand on CloudSpot to give your clients a seamless experience! We'll also cover how you can save Email Templates to make communication easy and simplify your workflow. 🤩

Account Settings

To access your Account Settings, click on My Account in the top right of your CloudSpot account, then select Settings.


The section titled Storage is where you can see how much storage you're currently using. You can always upgrade at any time based on your needs by clicking the section above, titled Upgrade.

User settings

In User Settings, you can edit your account email address, business name, password, and the reply-to email you'd like to display when sending emails through Cloudspot.

Gallery Branding

In Gallery Branding, you can add a custom logo to reflect your brand's aesthetic. You have the ability to customize the logos for both your gallery cover and the logo displayed inside the gallery. You are also able to set a special Gallery accent color to compliment your brand, adjust the default gallery language, and add a watermark file here as well.

Portfolio Settings

The Portfolio Settings area is where you have the ability to change the custom subdomain of your account. This is the subdomain that hosts your Portfolio Page as well as each of your CloudSpot galleries. This section is also where you can easily copy a code snippet to display your CloudSpot Portfolio on your website.

You can also create a private Portfolio page! There are a ton of possibilities on how you can leverage this to create an awesome experience for inquiring clients and even vendors.

Email Settings

The Email Settings section is the place to really set yourself up to save tons of time in your business! Here, you can inject your logo into every email sent from CloudSpot and design your email templates. Email templates let you simplify and speed up your workflow! There are two different types of templates on this page:

First, the basic Sharing Templates. These templates will be used when sending galleries and apps from your account. You can create as many email templates as you'd like! You can create templates for every different type of client you have - including vendors!

Second, you'll find Gallery Expiration templates! These are templates that can be set to automatically send to your gallery visitors a designated amount of time before you set your Gallery to expire. These templates also have a nifty feature called dynamic text which allows you to include gallery-specific information in the automated email with no extra work!

If this is your first time viewing this section, you’ll see that you have one generic template in each section to get you started, but to create a new email template, just click on the plus sign. You can also modify an existing template by clicking on the pencil icon. When customizing templates, you're able to change the text, email accent color, or layout.

Finally, you can also add any social media links that you’d like added to the footer of all your emails.

Billing Section

Below Email Templates lives the Billing section, where you can update or add a payment method to your account as well as see your next billing date and amount.


The Integrations tab is where you'll find information about all the different services that you can integrate CloudSpot with! Within our Integrations tab, you'll find our Zapier feature that can help you connect to the apps you love and automate simple tasks!

Refer a Friend

Lastly, we have our Refer a Friend section. Here you'll be able to find the Affiliate Dashboard, as well as the referral link that you can share with friends and earn credit towards your subscription! You can visit this section to keep track of total referrals and credits earned.

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Once you have these sections customized to fit your business, CloudSpot becomes totally invisible to your clients and your brand is the hero, as it should be!

If you have any questions or need additional help, feel free to contact us in the chat bubble in the lower right-hand corner of your dashboard. We're always happy to help!

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