How to Create a Project

Create a project for easy document organization and sharing with your client!

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Projects are the best way to share documents with your clients! Projects allow you to keep all documents related to a particular event or client organized in one place for you and your client. Once all relevant documents have been saved to the Project, you can share everything with one click.

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Create a Project

To get started, navigate to Projects in the side menu and click Create a New Project.

To create the Project, you'll need to enter a name, date, and assign your client. If you haven't saved a client's information as a contact yet, you can add them using the Add New Client button. Their information will automatically be saved for future use!

✨ Pro Tip: If you need to share documents with multiple clients, you can add them to the Project to keep everyone in the loop. No need to send the Project multiple times!

The Project Description field is optional, but this is a great place to add any important information related to the Project - like the location, time, etc! This field is not visible to your clients.

Assign Documents

Now that the Project has been created, it's time to assign documents!

If you haven't created any Document Templates yet, this would be a great time to do so! Templates will save you a ton of time down by allowing you to reuse saved Contracts, Questionnaires, or Invoices.

Once your Templates are ready to go, adding documents to your Project is a breeze!

When you go to add a document, you'll see the option to choose from your Templates or start from scratch.

If you have Templates set up and want to use on in the Project, click Start with a Template, then choose the Template you want to use!

After choosing the Template, you'll have the opportunity to make any adjustments before saving it to the Project. Any adjustments you make here will not affect your existing Template - those will be specific to this Project. 😊

With each document you add, you'll have the option to send it to your client right away or save it to the Project. If you're planning on sharing multiple documents with your client, we suggest saving all of those to the Project first so you can send everything at once!

Attach a PDF

Need to share a location or style guide with your client? You can share that right in your Project!

In the Project Files section, click Upload File and select your PDF from your files.

Once the upload is complete, you'll see it listed in the Project Files section. Click Upload File in the top right corner to add more PDFs!

Your client will then be able to view and download the PDF right from their Project!

Share a Project

Once you've finished assigning your documents, it's time to send your Project. πŸŽ‰

Click the Send Project button in the top right corner:

Before sending, you can customize your email if needed. A preview of your email will be shown on the right side, so you know exactly how things will look from your client's end. If you have another email template you want to use, you can select it using the Choose a template drop-down menu. πŸ‘

Project Notes

You can add notes to your Project at any time! Notes are a great way to record any important information or changes leading up to or after the Project. These notes are not visible to your client, they're purely for your records. πŸ™Œ

Attach a Gallery

When your client's Gallery is ready to be delivered, you can attach it right in their Project Portal!

If you have any questions or need additional help, feel free to contact us in the chat bubble in the lower right-hand corner of your dashboard. We're always happy to help!

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