The entire team at CloudSpot thrives off of your feedback! We hustle every day to build a platform to help make things easier for photographers!

We absolutely love brainstorming, trying new things, and dreaming big. We firmly believe that you should have a part in that journey as we all grow together. Below is a list of some of the bigger features we have in our sights.

📣 This list is in no particular order and definitely does not
represent everything...we like keeping a few surprises up our sleeves!

In Progress:

  • Enhanced Gallery Store Experience - Paving the way to help you earn more through every gallery.

  • More Products & Print Lab Partners - We are reaching out to more labs both in the USA and internationally to explore possibilities as well as working to increase the products supported by our current lab partners in the US.
  • Phase 2 of Dubsado Integration - We will continue to build more powerful connections between our two companies which help streamline your workflow!


  • PayPal Payment Option - Connecting your PayPal account to process gallery orders and for a quick checkout option for your clients.
  • Automated Emails - For sales and gallery reminders.
  • Deeper Analytics - Tracking emails, client activity, and Collection history.
  • Print & Product Packages - The ability to customize and sell bundled items at a discounted price in your gallery. (ie. Two 4x6s, three 8x10s, and one digital download...all for $25)
  • Catalogs Supporting Custom + Auto Fulfillment Products - The ability create a Catalog which allows you to sell some items from our print partners and others to be fulfilled by you.
  • Notifications Center - A single place where all activity from your clients is shown to you on your dashboard.

  • Pay Offline - Photographers can accept orders in their gallery, but collect payment separately from their client.

On our Radar to Explore:

  • Square Integration - Ability to connect your personal Square account and accept payments through your client gallery.
  • Custom Domains - You'll be able to have your own domain in your CloudSpot Portfolio URL and galleries.

Recently Released:

  • Order Review - Approve cropping and replace images in Auto Fulfillment orders prior to sending it to print. (✨RELEASED ON 02/19/20 ✨)
  • Mobile App Presets - You can now save frequently used settings and apply them to new Mobile Apps with just one click. (✨RELEASED ON 12/06/19 ✨)

  • New Lab Partners - Millers Professional Imaging and Mpix Lab. (✨RELEASED ON 11/14/19 ✨)

  • Folder Download Restriction - Control which folders in your gallery can be downloaded by your clients (✨RELEASED ON 9/12/19 ✨)

  • Download PIN - Restrict gallery downloads to only people who have a private PIN code (✨RELEASED ON 9/9/19 ✨)

  • Client Mobile Apps - Create and deliver unique mobile apps for your clients; all sent through your CloudSpot dashboard! (✨RELEASED ON 8/13/19 ✨)

  • More WHCC Products - Our catalog will be expanding to new print sizes and paper types. (✨ RELEASED ON 7/24/19 ✨)

  • Multiple Gallery Visitor Favorite Lists -  Clients will have the ability to save their favorites photos to more than just one general list. (✨RELEASED ON 3/28/19 ✨)

  • Email Templates - New designs and customization options. (✨RELEASED ON 10/05/18 ✨)
  • Mobile/Web Access - Being able to access your images, get gallery links, and adjust gallery settings on the go!  (✨WEB ACCESS RELEASED ON 7/03/18 ✨)  (✨MOBILE ACCESS RELEASED ON 8/23/18 ✨)
  • Extend Download Link Expiration - We're exploring what is involved with either removing or extending the 14 day expiration set to all download links. (✨RELEASED ON 4/09/18 ✨)  (✨DOWNLOAD EXPIRATION REMOVED COMPLETELY ON 8/09/18 ✨)

  • CloudSpot 3.0 - The desktop application is getting a BIG update based upon the feedback of our community and paving the way for new things to come! (✨RELEASED ON 5/22/18 ✨)

  • Dubsado Integration (phase one) - The ability to quickly add a CloudSpot gallery link in the Dubsado Client Portal. (✨RELEASED ON 4/16/18 ✨)

  • Additional Languages - Client galleries will be available in more more languages. (✨RELEASED ON 4/09/18 ✨)

  • Client Gallery - An updated interface, experience, and enhanced favoriting/mobile features. (✨RELEASED ON 3/20/18 ✨)

  • Gallery Covers - More layout options and support for adding a unique cover photo to any gallery in a Collection. (✨RELEASED ON 3/20/18 ✨)

Have a great feature suggestion? We'd love to hear it!

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