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What is CloudSpot Working on Next?
What the CloudSpot team is working on next ūüõ†
What the CloudSpot team is working on next ūüõ†

A general roadmap of new features to come. Have a great idea for a feature or integration? Add your suggestion at the bottom!

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The entire team at CloudSpot thrives off of your feedback! We hustle every day to build a platform to help make things easier for photographers!

We absolutely love brainstorming, trying new things, and dreaming big. We firmly believe that you should have a part in that journey as we all grow together. Below is a list of some of the bigger features we have in our sights.

ūüď£ This list is in no particular order and definitely does not
‚Äčrepresent everything...we like keeping a few surprises up our sleeves!

In Progress:


  • Updated Gallery Covers

  • Sharing Flow UI/UX redesign


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ūü¶Ą Recent Major Releases ūü¶Ą

  • Gallery Settings UI/UX redesign- This overhaul of our Gallery Settings adds functionality like Cover Image Focal Points and the ability to have different Watermarks on Downloads and Images in the Gallery. It also opens up more space for future features!

    (‚ú®RELEASED ON 5/15/24‚ú®)

  • Add PDFs and Gallery links to your Client Portals - Easily add PDFs for things like Location or Style Guides or Welcome Packets to your Client Portals. Also attach your Gallery after the session to keep everything in one place!

    (‚ú®RELEASED ON 2/20/24‚ú®)

  • Mini Session Booking/Scheduling [BETA] - Our most requested feature since launching CloudSpot Studio a mere 8 weeks ago is now available to use just in time for the busy portrait season! With our scheduler you can:

    • Create a mini-session booking page

    • Upload your sample images

    • Share the link with your clients

      Get paid and watch the bookings roll in!‚Äč

(‚ú®RELEASED ON 9/01/23‚ú®)

  • New CloudSpot Website - With the release of CloudSpot Studio, we thought it was the perfect excuse to give our website a makeover!

    (‚ú®RELEASED ON 9/01/23‚ú®)

  • CloudSpot Studio Manager- Organize your shoots, send professional contracts, automate invoice payments, and everything in between!

    • Contracts - Send your Contracts and add each client's details for stress-free signatures.

    • Invoices - You shouldn't need to chase down clients for payments. Send the invoice, set reminders, and pay lower payment processing fees of just 2.5%!

    • Templates - Save time on future work by utilizing provided templates for contracts, invoices, and questionnaires, and saving your edits to your Template list.

    • Projects - Assign clients to shoots, contracts, and invoices that integrate directly with your galleries. Projects ensure you'll never feel overwhelmed.

    • Client Portals - Allow your client to view all of their Projects (including Invoices, Contacts, and Questionnaires) in one place.

    • Questionnaires - Gather your much-needed client info all in one place

(‚ú®RELEASED ON 8/16/23‚ú®)

  • PayPal Payment Option - Connect your PayPal account to process gallery orders for a quick checkout option for your clients.

    (‚ú®RELEASED ON 2/22/23‚ú®)

  • Augmented Reality Store Previews - Clients can view prints and canvases on their own walls via Augmented Reality through their mobile devices. Selling wall art just got way easier and way more fun ūüéČ

    (‚ú®RELEASED ON 1/31/23 ‚ú®)

  • Store Order Status Page & Order Shipped Email - When Store orders ship, your customers will automatically receive an email notification with tracking information. There is also now a public link where customers can always check the status of their Store orders. Yay for happy clients and less work for our photographers!

    (‚ú®RELEASED ON 1/06/23 ‚ú®)

  • New Gallery Store Checkout Experience - We've streamlined the entire checkout flow for your clients when placing an order through your Gallery Store. Whether on desktop or mobile devices, it's easier than ever for those orders to roll in ūü§Ď

    (‚ú®RELEASED ON 8/30/22 ‚ú®)

  • Automatic Tax Calculations - Adds option to automatically calculate your taxes for all US-based users.

    (‚ú®RELEASED ON 7/20/22 ‚ú®)

  • Print & Product Packages - The ability to customize and sell bundled items at a discounted price in your gallery. (ie. Two 4x6s, three 8x10s, and one digital download...all for $25)

    (‚ú®RELEASED ON 6/14/22 ‚ú®)

  • Affiliate Program - Earn credit towards your next renewal for every friend you refer to CloudSpot!

    (‚ú®RELEASED ON 5/18/22 ‚ú®)

  • Multi-Size Gallery Downloads - Enable up to three sizes (original, social media, custom size) to be downloaded from your client galleries.

    (‚ú®RELEASED ON 3/16/22 ‚ú®)

  • Multiple Watermarks - Add up to three unique watermark files to your Gallery Branding settings. This allows you to choose which watermark to apply within each gallery's settings or when sending an instant download link!

    (‚ú®RELEASED ON 3/16/22 ‚ú®)

  • Holiday/Special Event Card Sales - Sell cards through your galleries and give full control to your clients to design the perfect card for any occasion.

    (‚ú®RELEASED ON 2/24/22 ‚ú®)

  • Automated Social Media Posts via Plann Integration - We've integrated with the world's best tool for scheduling and automating your Instagram and Facebook posts! Now with just a click you can import your CloudSpot photos and saved Captions directly into Plann to streamline your entire Social Media workflow!
    ‚Äč(‚ú®RELEASED ON 11/16/21 ‚ú®)

  • Social Media Captions - Create and save social media captions on images directly in your CloudSpot dashboard! Log in to your dashboard on a mobile device and instantly download your image and copy the text!
    ‚Äč(‚ú®RELEASED ON 11/02/21 ‚ú®)

  • Collection Download Analytics - All client download activity and metrics are now shown in a brand new section in your Collection Analytics. We also gave the Analytics interface a little update as well!

    (‚ú®RELEASED ON 10/14/21 ‚ú®)


  • Apple Pay & Google Pay - For users who have Stripe as their payment processor for Store orders, your clients can now checkout with just a tap using Apple Pay or Google Pay!

    (‚ú®RELEASED ON 9/01/21 ‚ú®)


  • Notification Center - A single place where all activity from your clients is shown to you on your dashboard.

    (‚ú®RELEASED ON 8/17/21 ‚ú®)

  • Catalogs Supporting Custom + Auto Fulfillment Products (aka Hybrid Catalogs) - The ability to create a Catalog that allows you to sell some items from our print partners and others to be fulfilled by you.

    (‚ú®RELEASED ON 6/30/21 ‚ú®)

  • Custom Sorting of Store Catalogs (Auto & Custom Fulfillment) - More customization to the order in which products are displayed in your gallery Storefront.

    (‚ú®RELEASED ON 6/28/21 ‚ú®)

  • WHCC Albums & Album Designer - Your clients can now design and purchase beautifully crafted Albums through WHCC's integrated album design tool; built right into your galleries!

    (‚ú®RELEASED ON 6/22/21 ‚ú®)

  • Gallery Expiration Reminders (Automated) - Send a customized email (with dynamic text) to clients and gallery visitors prior to a gallery expiration date.
    ‚Äč(‚ú®RELEASED ON 2/04/21 ‚ú®)

  • Additional Watermarking Controls - We've separated gallery watermarking controls such that images displayed in a gallery can be watermarked, but downloaded photos may/may not have a watermark.
    ‚Äč(‚ú®RELEASED ON 12/21/20 ‚ú®)

  • Additional Discount Code Controls - From including Free Shipping to client orders, to deeper Digital Product discount control.

    (‚ú®RELEASED ON 11/19/20 ‚ú®)

  • Enhanced Gallery Store Experience - A completely redesigned interface! Paving the way to give your clients the best shopping experience possible AND help you earn more through every gallery.

    (‚ú®RELEASED ON 11/19/20 ‚ú®)

  • JPEGmini Integration - All images uploaded to your CloudSpot account will be optimized by the industry's gold standard of file size reduction technology. JPEGmini reduces file sizes up to 60% with zero loss in resolution or print quality. (This means you can store more photos on your account and your client downloads will be faster!)

    (‚ú®RELEASED ON 11/04/20 ‚ú®)

  • Zapier Integration - Connect CloudSpot to 1000s of tools and services you love! Automate your busy work with "zaps" to get important info from one service to another - totally free!

    (‚ú®RELEASED ON 10/20/20 ‚ú®)

  • Private Portfolio Categories - You can selectively choose which Categories are visible on your public Portfolio. still have direct access to share/embed the URLs to any private Categories for specific clients or vendors!
    ‚Äč(‚ú®RELEASED ON 09/02/20 ‚ú®)

  • Order Review - Approve cropping and replace images in Auto Fulfillment orders prior to sending it to print.

    (‚ú®RELEASED ON 02/19/20 ‚ú®)

  • Mobile App Presets - You can now save frequently used settings and apply them to new Mobile Apps with just one click.

    (‚ú®RELEASED ON 12/06/19 ‚ú®)

  • New Lab Partners - Millers Professional Imaging and MPIX Lab.

    (‚ú®RELEASED ON 11/14/19 ‚ú®)

  • Folder Download Restriction - Control which folders in your gallery can be downloaded by your clients

    (‚ú®RELEASED ON 9/12/19 ‚ú®)

  • Download PIN - Restrict gallery downloads to only people who have a private PIN code

    (‚ú®RELEASED ON 9/9/19 ‚ú®)

  • Client Mobile Apps - Create and deliver unique mobile apps for your clients; all sent through your CloudSpot dashboard!

    (‚ú®RELEASED ON 8/13/19 ‚ú®)

  • More WHCC Products - Our catalog will be expanding to new print sizes and paper types.

    (‚ú® RELEASED ON 7/24/19 ‚ú®)

  • Multiple Gallery Visitor Favorite Lists - ¬†Clients will have the ability to save their favorites photos to more than just one general list.

    (‚ú®RELEASED ON 3/28/19 ‚ú®)

  • Email Templates - New designs and customization options.

    (‚ú®RELEASED ON 10/05/18 ‚ú®)

  • Mobile/Web Access - Being able to access your images, get gallery links, and adjust gallery settings on the go! ¬†

    (‚ú®WEB ACCESS RELEASED ON 7/03/18 ‚ú®)

    (‚ú®MOBILE ACCESS RELEASED ON 8/23/18 ‚ú®)

  • Extend Download Link Expiration - We're exploring what is involved with either removing or extending the 14-day expiration set to all download links. (‚ú®RELEASED ON 4/09/18 ‚ú®) ¬†


  • CloudSpot 3.0 - The desktop application is getting a BIG update based upon the feedback of our community and paving the way for new things to come! (‚ú®RELEASED ON 5/22/18 ‚ú®)

  • Additional Languages - Client galleries will be available in more languages. (‚ú®RELEASED ON 4/09/18 ‚ú®)

  • Client Gallery - An updated interface, experience, and enhanced favoriting/mobile features.

    (‚ú®RELEASED ON 3/20/18 ‚ú®)

  • Gallery Covers - More layout options and support for adding a unique cover photo to any gallery in a Collection.

    (‚ú®RELEASED ON 3/20/18 ‚ú®)

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